Hildegard Health Organic Spelt Products

Hildegard Health Organic White Spelt Flour 2.5 kg & 1 kg

Spelt White Flour is the most nutritous white flour because unlike wheat most of the nutritional value is in the inner kernel of the spelt grain. Use this  organic flour to bake delicious white breads, cakes cookies and pastries.

Hildegard Health Organic Spelt Wholeflour 2.5 kg & 1 kg

Spelt Wholegrain flour has all the goodness of the white plus the quality fibre that comes with wholemeal flours.

Use for all your traditional brown bread recipes.

Hildegard Health Organic Spelt Puffs with Honey

Puffed Spelt grain lightly sweetened with honey. The light way to enjoy Spelt. The Spelt grain is puffed by using compression rather than heat. Therefore nearly all the nutritional goodness is maintained.

Hildegard Health Organic Spelt Puffs Unsweetened

The Unsweetened Puffs for the unsweetened tooth!

100% Natural Organic Puffs. Again Puffed by compression to maintain the goodness. 

Hildegard Health Organic Spelt Muesli

A Muesli without nuts! That's crazy I hear you say! Well here are the ingredients: Spelt flakes, rolled oats, sultanas, apricot pieces, apple pieces, linseeds, coconut flakes, sunflower kernels buckwheat. There's nuttin nutty there!

Hildegard Health Organic Spelt Crunch with Cinnamon

A delicious mixture of Spelt flakes Spelt Puffs and oat flakes with that special cinnamon taste. Sweetened with honey.

As close to decadent as we get here at Hildegard Health!